Sandvik partners with Pretium for Brucejack mine trucks

The Sandvik Z50 battery-electric truck proved its mettle during a six-month trial at the Brucejack mine. Credit: ???

Pretium Resources (TSX: PVG; NYSE: PVG) is investing in a fleet of Sandvik Z50 battery-electric haul trucks to replace its diesel truck fleet at its Brucejack underground gold mine in northwestern British Columbia.

Following a successful six-month trial during which a Sandvik Z50 proved to fit the production and sustainability needs of the 3,800-t/d Brucejack operation, Pretium has selected Sandvik to supply seven Sandvik Z50 haul trucks, with the option for an eighth. Sandvik will begin delivery of the battery electric vehicles (BEVs) next month, with a final delivery date for the entire fleet expected in early 2023.

The envelope size of Sandvik Z50 is one of the smallest 50-tonne capacity trucks on the market and generates twice the peak horsepower and one-eighth the heat of its diesel equivalent.

On top of the sustainability improvements with battery-based mining, another major benefit of electrification is the amount of money that can be saved on initial capital and operating expenses, including construction of ventilation shafts and the cost of operating ventilation systems.

“The implementation of the battery-electric Sandvik Z50 haul trucks is expected to improve operations at Brucejack, including the potential reduction of ventilation requirements and increased haul capacity,” Pretium president and CEO Jacques Perron said.

To further support this shift to battery-powered equipment, Sandvik now offers Batteries as a Service (BaaS) to partners including Pretium. This turnkey solution eliminates the risk of owning batteries as Sandvik takes full responsibility of battery maintenance, renewal and disposal. Learn more at www.RockTechnology.Sandvik/en/products/.

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