SafeAI expands autonomous heavy equipment solutions into Canada

SafeAI has automated haulage for Obayashi, the Japanese construction related business.

SafeAI, a global leader in autonomous heavy equipment, announced last week its continued global expansion with the company’s entry into Canada.

With booming construction and mining industries, Canada is a natural next step for SafeAI’s growing business. Canada’s mining industry is one of the largest in the world, accounting for 7.8% of the country’s GDP in 2020. The country’s construction sector is also a leading contributor to the nation’s GDP, with continued opportunities for growth due to government funded infrastructure projects. With its connected autonomous technology, SafeAI is poised to accelerate productivity in the nation’s heavy industry.

“Heavy industry is on the brink of a period of mass adoption for autonomous technology,” said David Prusinski, newly appointed chief revenue officer. “Now that we’ve seen the value and impact of automation for safer, more efficient construction and mining sites, there is no going back.”

Expansion into Canada comes on the heels of a year of significant growth for SafeAI as the company accelerated off-road deployment of autonomous technology. In late 2020, the company announced partnerships with industry leaders – including Japanese construction business Obayashi and Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. – to expand its ecosystem and more effectively deliver autonomy at scale. Earlier this year, SafeAI announced its expansion into Australia, the world’s largest mining market. It also recently announced $21 million in Series A funding to accelerate research and development and global growth.

SafeAI retrofits heavy equipment for autonomous applications in mining and construction to serve a massive ecosystem of industry players with complex needs. To learn more about SafeAI’s technology, or to get the latest updates, please visit

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