Schneider Electric launches global ESG communications service

Schneider Electric can help companies meet the need to communicate their ESG goals and meet them.

Schneider Electric launched a new communications service this week, a strategic addition to the company’s suite of energy and sustainability consulting services.

The new service is designed to meet the increasing need for companies to be transparent and proactive on their energy, sustainability, and climate action targets and progress to satisfy investors and stakeholders. The integrated service supports customers’ marketing, communications, and reputational needs.

Research conducted by Schneider and GreenBiz media group indicates that, while companies are acting on energy and sustainability at an increasing rate, communication plays a vital role in success. The research found that companies that publicly announce their goals go faster in achieving them, and when more ambitious goals are communicated, research respondents felt more confident that their goals would be successful.

The pressure to be more transparent about ESG progress is also ratcheting up globally. Earlier this year, the U.S. Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the creation of a climate and ESG-focused task force. The task force is charged with ferreting out so-called “greenwashing” to ensure consistent and valid disclosure and communications on climate risks. Similar measures are under consideration in other countries.

However, taking action alone is not enough. Communicating more proactively and openly on those actions has become a new imperative, which Schneider’s communications service is designed to address.

With its communication service, Schneider builds leadership and credibility, safeguards reputation, and provides energy and sustainability expertise to companies wherever they are on their sustainability journey. Services span strategy, reporting, promotion, and engagement.

Schneider, which was named the world’s most sustainable corporation by Corporate Knights in February, has already supported its clients’ communications efforts for more than a decade.

The Schneider Electric team includes ISOS-certified Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) report writers, certified sustainability and climate change professionals, and MBAs in marketing and organizational change management throughout North America and Europe.

Join experts from Schneider Electric for a webinar on July 22, 10:00 a.m. EDT to talk about the importance and urgency of using ESG and why any sustainability efforts must include a communications strategy. Register here.

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