Epiroc’s Boomer M20 offers available battery option

Epiroc Boomer M20.

Epiroc is introducing its new Boomer M20 at the upcoming MinEXPO in September. This next generation face drill has protected hydraulics, sensors and cables, and will be available with a battery option.

The company says the internal hydraulics reduces everyday wear and tear on hydraulic hoses. This feature plays a large part in minimizing unplanned interruptions and maximizing uptime and performance even in the toughest conditions.

The high precision and performance of the Boomer M20 are assured with on-board automation features, tele-remote capability and digital drill plans – all of which give it higher reliability and quality over the full drill cycle. The tele-remote feature means operators can drill from a safe distance and keep production going over shift changes.

Epiroc says this is a true heavy duty development rig thanks to stronger booms and intelligent features. Learn more at www.Epiroc.com.

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