ColdBlock launches Pro series sample digesters

The CBM can run 16 samples up to 5.0 grams size simultaneously. Credit: ColdBlock Technologies

ColdBlock Technologies has launched the ColdBlock Pro series, the newest line of sample digestion equipment. This new series was developed following years of market experience and success with the ColdBlock Standard series CB15 and CB12 units and incorporates customer feedback from around the world.

The new ColdBlock Pro series line of digesters provides all the same benefits and performance as the Standard series, but with improved scalability, more sample size options, a new tablet-based software control system that allows the creation of re-useable multi-step digestion programs, and a robust design that’s easy to clean and maintain.

ColdBlock Pro series digesters are available in three different sizes. The CBS, small sample size digester, can run 20 samples at a time of up to 1.0 gram in size. The CBM, medium sample size digester, can run 16 samples of up to 5.0 gram size. And the CBL, large sample size digester, can run 12 samples up to 30 gram size.

ColdBlock Pro series digesters now allow for connection of up to four digesters to the same controller allowing labs to significantly scale up the number of samples digested within the same laboratory vent hood.

ColdBlock Pro series digesters can be operated with a tablet-, laptop-, or desktop-based software package. With this software multi-step digestion programs can be created, saved, run, and re-used from anywhere in the lab.

ColdBlock Pro series digesters require minimal maintenance. Design improvements make the digesters easier to keep clean. The ColdBlock Pro series uses a single infrared lamp, which never dims or fades and lasts up to 4,000 hours, and replacement is a five-minute procedure.

ColdBlock digestion technology

Patented ColdBlock digestion technology uses focused short-wave infrared heating and a unique cooling zone to deliver rapid sample digestion yielding precise and repeatable results. With no ramp-up or cool-down time, and an open, non-pressurized process, digestions with ColdBlock typically take less than 20 minutes, and samples are immediately ready for removal and preparation for analysis.

Customers report increased sample throughput rates, excellent recoveries including challenging volatile and refractory elements, improved workplace safety, and a meaningful reduction in operating costs. The ColdBlock Pro series is now available.

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