Caterpillar launches new Cat 793 truck

The new Cat 793 can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h. Credit: Caterpillar

With claims of higher fuel efficiency and highest payload in its size class, construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, announces the launch of its newest truck – Cat 793.

According to the company, the new vehicle can read top speeds of 60 km/h, is up to 10% more fuel efficient than competitive trucks, and consumes 5% less fuels than the company’s Cat 793F model.

Caterpillar also claims the truck boasts the highest payload in its size class, up to 265 tonnes. The truck is said to operate at a speed of 12.9 km/h on 10% grades and can navigate a maximum 25% grade fully loaded. The vehicle’s automatic retarding control automatically selects optimum speed based on grade, payload and brake oil temperature to increase speed up to 25% during retarding.

With a reported lifetime of over 100,000 hours, the 793’s frame features mild steel to provide flexibility, durability and resistance to impact loads, and the frame, powertrain, engine and

components are built to be rebuilt. The addition of centrifugal oil and self-cleaning filters extend oil change intervals and offer up to 67% reduction in annual oil consumption. The 793’s improved service centre, grouped ground-level maintenance and checkpoints, and 1,000-hour hydraulic filters combine to save time on regular maintenance procedures.

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