Metso Outotec expands its Metrics to stationary screens

Cloud-based Metrics is now available for screens. Credit: Metso Outotec

Metso Outotec is now expanding on Metrics, the company’s monitoring system, to cover the tools, sensors and dashboard access for monitoring customers’ stationary screening equipment. The cloud-based system portfolio is one of Metso Outotec’s key digital solutions for customers.

Metrics will now offer improved safety, increased uptime, higher throughput, and reduced unplanned maintenance. Additionally, it will enable operators, controllers and service professionals to see real-time analysis of vibrating screen performance and bearing condition.

“The customer feedback received has helped us to offer a solution focused on customer centricity and sustainability. Metrics for screens helps customers to optimize their process, as they can easily see how the changes implemented have impacted their screening operations. In addition, continuous monitoring helps in the avoidance of several potential breakdowns. It also has a positive impact on sustainability, as running the screen in an optimal way enables increased uptime and less consumption of media, spare parts, oil and energy. Our strong development roadmap will enable us to release more data-driven and value-added services soon,” says Jan Wirth, technology director with Metso Outotec’s screening solutions business. For more information visit

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