Martin’s replacement program for conveyor belt cleaner blades

Martin offers both belt cleaning blade installation and a conveyor monitoring service free to qualifying customers. Credit: Martin Engineering

The leading innovator of conveyor technologies, Martin Engineering, has a factory-direct replacement program to deliver polyurethane cleaner blades for conveyor belts. Custom-fitted on-site and installed free of charge, customers pay only for the replacement blades.

The program assures customers of accurately sized and professionally installed replacement blades that are matched to their specific application, providing optimum cleaning performance and service life to minimize the cost of ownership.

Manufactured in-house for the highest quality assurance, Martin’s replacement blades are made with specially formulated, colour-coded urethane to suit virtually any application. The blades have up to 53% more urethane in the wearable area than competitive designs, extending equipment life and durability as well as reducing operating costs.

To achieve consistent cleaning throughout all stages of blade life, Martin’s patented constant angle radial pressure (CARP) technology incorporates a specially engineered curved blade to maintain optimum cleaning performance and efficiency.

Martin is the only belt cleaner supplier that has designed its own equipment to manufacture molded blades. This innovative system maximizes quality control and eliminates shipping and labour costs by having the new blades delivered and installed direct from the factory.

Martin is the only manufacturer to have designed its own equipment to make molded belt cleaner blades. Credit: Martin Engineering

The need for conveyor belt cleaning is well established, delivering long-term benefits in both safety and production. Excessive dust and spillage can foul rolling components and cause abrasion on the belt, reducing the life of equipment by as much as 30%. The belt is typically the most expensive piece of equipment on a conveyor, so not removing carry-back at the discharge will contribute to premature belt failure.

Martin also offers the N2 remote monitoring system to track tension and wear on all cleaners without having to physically visit the equipment. Customers have immediate access to details on the mounting assembly, tensioner and blade wear, along with total annual cost information for budgeting purposes. The intuitive system notifies technicians and plant operations personnel before re-tensioning or replacement is required and/or when abnormal conditions occur.  This critical intelligence reduces the need to expose personnel to moving conveyors, improving both efficiency and safety while lowering costs. It allows service personnel to deliver and install replacement wear parts during scheduled outages.

Martin offers the components and monitoring service free of charge for qualifying customers. The factory-direct replacement program is just one element of the company’s decades-long push to develop new and evolving technologies, improve bulk material handling efficiency and reduce safety hazards.

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