JV Article: Miners’ payloads and passengers reach new peaks with Flygreen’s private jets

Image from Flygreen.

Flygreen is an international jet charter service with access to over 7,000 aircraft globally suited to meet needs specific to the mining industry, whether it be private or commercial jet charters, or commercial group bookings.

The company specializes in securing ideal aircraft for any mission, offering rapid organization with availability and deployment in as few as four hours and supplying mining operations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, South America, and South Africa.

“Our team is equipped to provide a seamless service – we provide access to virtually every available aircraft on the charter market,” Flygreen CEO Matt Keezer says. “We also coordinate in-person meetings to collaborate on the planning of more complex missions.”

JETPRO, an impactful internal sourcing engine, can unlock superior aircraft, competitive pricing, and optimal sourcing through their access to the best partner contracts, setting a new benchmark for the mining industry. 

JETPRO leverages an expansive network and meticulous selection process to ensure a broader and more targeted search, ensuring Jet Charter Executives are equipped with the most up-to-date information. This comprehensive approach is instrumental in procuring the optimal aircraft tailored to the unique demands of each mission, directly translating into significant value for Flygreen’s customers.

“Our team is highly trained to be available to our customers on a 24/7 basis, either by phone, text or email,” Keezer notes. “Each of our clients is paired with a dedicated charter representative as their main point of contact.”

Private jet cabin interior. Image from Flygreen.

Keezer points out the company’s private chartered jet services contribute to cost efficiency for mining companies because private aviation provides greater reliability and time efficiency overall than commercial flights.

“We offer point to point solutions,” Keezer says. “Many mining companies operate in remote areas where commercial aircrafts don’t have scheduled services. Chartering allows them to move their team directly to the end point of the journey.”

“By avoiding time spent in airports and missed connections, private travel removes a lot of the uncertainties that come with international commercial travel.”

Time is money, and time spent transporting personnel and equipment to and from mining sites can be scaled back significantly with solutions offering direct flights to more airports in comparison to regular scheduled flights.

“Private aviation allows you to arrive for your flight, as little as 15 minutes ahead of departure,” Keezer says. “You can also drive right up to the aircraft, removing any time spent in a terminal all together.”

Transporting cargo and equipment also becomes more efficient, as freight transportation can be sent on a direct route, to the exact location required.

“Shipping via commercial ways may mean that you may have to coordinate complicated trucking and train routes, in order to get your shipment to its end destination,” he notes. 

Reduced downtime for mining operations

Flygreen can organize a multi-aircraft roadshow for mining clients, moving multiple key stakeholders between various mine sites. The operation of multiple aircraft enables customers to host select passengers in different locations throughout the week at different times, reducing inefficiencies.

The company can also provide urgent cargo charter services when specific heavy machinery parts need to be replaced.

“Needing to get their operation back up and running as quickly as possible, we are able to move the part days ahead of the next commercial aircraft that would have been able to transport the off-dimension part,” Keezer notes.

“There is no set schedule or mission too big or small for us to manage. Our wealth of knowledge in corporate and cargo aviation empowers us to provide the perfect aircraft for the mission at hand,” he says, adding that to meet the demands of mining projects, clients can request specific modifications or customizations for their charter flights. 

Remote access

Private charter service has the capability to reach remote mining sites that may not be easily accessible by traditional transportation means.

Flygreen has extensive experience in accessing some of the world’s most remote locations and are experts in providing mining customers with the access they require to operate their companies effectively.

“We have the ability to source particular aircraft that can land in various locations, for example, sourcing aircrafts complete with gravel kits for runways that are unpaved,” Keezer says.

Flygreen can facilitate operations in challenging geographic locations as private aviation allows access to more airports globally than commercial aviation.

“We provide multi-aircraft solutions that allow our customers to access extremely remote locations, which may only be reachable via amphibian or rotary vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft,” he says.

As an aircraft broker, Flygreen ensures providers exceed all minimum safety standards by vetting each aircraft and operator. Compliance with FAA operational and safety regulations is paramount, with highly experienced teams that are Argus and Wyvern accredited.

“When it comes to cargo and valuable equipment, we ensure that highly experienced teams are the only solutions presented to our customers.”

Flygreen caters to the varying payload and passenger capacity needs of mining companies and its broad network of suppliers has access to aircraft to accommodate oversized or specialized equipment for payload requirements such as over-dimension cargo or the transportation of some dangerous goods.

With its global reach, powerful sourcing engine, around the clock service and ability to assemble aircraft to suit most missions in remote locations, Flygreen has solutions tailored to the mining industry.

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