RANKED: Top 20 mining companies – capital raised in 2020

The extraction of metals and minerals is a capital intensive endeavour. Mining companies require hundreds of millions of dollars – and in many cases, billions – to take a project from exploration to production.

Using data provided by Miningintelligence, we have listed those that have raised significant amounts of capital year-to-date.

Leading the pack is Australia’s Newcrest Mining, raising nearly $782.5 million so far in 2020. The firm recently gave the go-ahead on an expansion of its flagship Cadia mine, which would consume a large portion of that funding.

The second and third places are also occupied by Australian companies: fertilizer and mining services firm Incitec Pivot ($389 million) and rare earths producer Lynas Corp. ($309 million).

Unsurprisingly, with the gold price riding high, gold mining companies and explorers have been successful in attracting capital and feature prominently on the list.

RANKED: Top 20 mining companies – capital raised in 2020

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