Seequent unveils major updates to mining toolkit

Seequent’s LeapFrog Geo 6.0.1 Credit: Seequent

Seequent, a geoscience software company, has announced major updates to its mining portfolio, which are focused on improving the productivity of users, helping solve geoscience challenges and enabling connectivity and collaboration between users and their stakeholders.  

The latest release includes updates to Leapfrog Geo for 3D geological modelling and visualization, Leapfrog Edge for resource modelling, and cloud-based Seequent Central for model management and collaboration. The releases, which represent Seequent’s biggest update to its mining portfolio in more than a decade, include technologies that will ensure a smooth and seamless transition to Seequent Evo, its new ecosystem of hybrid cloud and desktop solutions.

“As projects become increasingly complex, organisations are generating greater amounts of data. We want to enable organisations in their digital transformation journey and enhance productivity,” James Lawton, Seequent’s chief technology officer, said in a release. “We’ve planned for the future with these releases, expanding the capabilities of Seequent Central at the centre of the user’s workflow to improve digital effectiveness and enable better decisions.”

Central 4.0 makes projects more accessible, shareable, and collaborative, with all-new visualization capability, enhanced modelling workflows, direct communication with notifications, links and sharing, and more publishing improvements. The new import capability bridges the gap between geoscience disciplines via a common workflow.  

The milestone Leapfrog Geo 6.0.1 release delivers smoother, more intuitive workflows and a significant improvement in performance with up to 25% faster overall processing times, supporting users with large datasets. Leapfrog Edge 4.0.2 introduces a parameter report facilitating the checking of estimates allowing users to see their choices which can then be exported to excel for report internally or to external auditors.

“Our latest releases allow for better connectivity to cloud products and between different software solutions, and enable large processing tasks and multi-user workflows by taking advantage of cloud computing capabilities. The releases are geared for the transition to Seequent’s Evo ecosystem – which links operations, data, and technology, to provide real-time decision support,” added Daniel Wallace, Seequent’s chief revenue officer.

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