Sensemetrics launches Thread X3 to bring secure, cloud-managed IIoT to distributed environments

The Thread X3 Credit: sensemetrics

Global industrial internet-of-things (IIoT) and cloud technology company sensemetrics has launched the Thread X3, a next-generation broadband IIoT sensor connectivity device. Thread X3 makes it simple and cost-effective for organizations to deploy secure, cloud-managed IIoT networks in distributed environments to accelerate digital transformation.

Thread X3 extends sensemetrics’ lead in the broadband IIoT space, combining intelligent connectivity with an easy-to-deploy, plug-and-play design.. The device gives engineers and safety managers a simple and secure connectivity solution for automating sensors from any manufacturer — and access to the data in a comprehensive situational awareness dashboard — available anywhere.

“The Thread X3 is the most robust broadband IIoT connectivity device available today, with all the advanced capabilities needed for complex sensor connectivity, control, and analytics – in a simple, cost-effective design,” Cory Baldwin, CEO of sensemetrics, said in a release. “As our next-generation connectivity offering, it drives faster and more cost-effective installations and smarter and more secure outcomes for our customers.”  

The Thread X3 offers fully autonomous sensor connectivity with multiple modes of communication including ethernet, cellular, and low-power wide-area (LPWA) wireless networking — with intelligent communication uplink prioritization and automatic failover.

As a wireless gateway, it enables efficient connectionless wireless communication and management of smart sensors. In addition, sensemetrics’ industry-defining interface provides a scalable and secure means of connecting remote sites and field activities with enterprise data management systems and processes.  

For intelligent wireless networking, the Thread X3 offers automatic network role detection for gateways, repeater and endpoints, and also enables self-forming long-range wireless mesh networking. It also operates on 600-plus cellular networks across 190 countries, with no provisioning or carrier management required.

Thread X3 allows for dense sensor installations and lets customers cost-effectively manage nested sensors. Multiplexer (MUX) devices can be attached to support up to 128 sensors per device. And, using the patented sensemetrics Sensor Integration Builder (SIB), it is easy to build customized or proprietary drivers that can be securely deployed to connect and control any sensor that may need to be automated. Alternatively, users can select from thousands of published sensor drivers available in the sensemetrics cloud-hosted library. Mobile and browser app-driven workflows support plug-and-play connectivity, control, and automation for the industry’s widest range of sensors, from simple to complex.

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