BMT releases Flight Enabled Detector 2.0

Flight Enabled Detector 2.0. Credit: Blast Movement Technologies

Blast Movement Technologies, a company that is part of Hexagon and specializes in post-blast ore location and recovery, has released the Flight Enabled Detector 2.0 (FED 2.0). The specially fitted UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) offers a safer, more expedient solution to post-blast monitoring with improved detection depths of up to 12 metres.

By adhering to strict ‘stand-off’ guidelines, FED 2.0 allows for a quick retrieval of BMM (blast movement monitor) location data after a blast, without needing to walk a muckpile.

BMT released its first UAV detector in November 2019, establishing an alternate, semi-automated solution to retrieve BMM sensor data. Like its predecessor, FED 2.0 is based on the DJI Matrice M600Pro flying platform, but now features an automated Winch mechanism to lower the detector closer to the surface and away from the main UAV body. This not only ensures greater detection depths but also lessens the interference from the motor and blades. The Winch was developed in partnership with Insitu Pacific, an Australia-based unmanned systems specialist and a subsidiary of The Boeing Company.

FED 2.0 features an automated flight control and customizable flight plan. It has a built-in GNSS (global navigation satellite system) receiver to enhance positioning information and a vertical and horizontal collision detection system. It can also resume the mission after low battery replacement from the point where it was suspended. The on-board computer allows for immediate processing of incoming data, ensuring access to the movement data while resolving safety and environmental considerations.
“With many mines focused on recovering more ore quickly and safely, our FED 2.0 continues our journey towards an autonomous future,” said BMT CEO Jacques Janse in a release. “This safety aspect, along with the increased detection depths, opens up the ability to use our BMM system in more mines.”

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