Caterpillar, ThoroughTec announce global agreement

ThoroughTec Simulator on CAT 740B. Credit: ThoroughTec Simulation

Caterpillar Mining and ThoroughTec Simulation have completed a global cooperation agreement aimed at bringing the latest generation, simulator-based equipment training solutions to Caterpillar customers. These solutions are intended to help improve safety, boost productivity, increase machine availability and create more sustainable mining operations.

Under the agreement, Caterpillar will recommend ThoroughTec Simulation as an approved supplier of mining equipment simulators. In turn, Caterpillar will provide ThoroughTec Simulation exclusive access to confidential machine technical data and engineering expertise —enabling ThoroughTec to continue strengthening its capabilities as a leading global supplier of advanced mining equipment simulators.

ThoroughTec has been designing advanced, hi-fidelity training simulators for almost 25 years, and has grown into one of the world’s leading training technology organizations. The company has deployed hundreds of simulators around the globe and is the only ISO 9001 simulator supplier in the mining industry. Its latest, fifth generation, range of Cybermine simulators cater to both surface and underground operations.

ThoroughTec simulators are known for their value and fidelity. When combined with actual machine data and operating characteristics, these simulators are expected to significantly enhance the overall operator training experience.

“Together, Caterpillar and ThoroughTec Simulation are committed to helping Caterpillar customers effectively train operators in the most efficient, safe and realistic way possible. This agreement is a testament to both Caterpillar and ThoroughTec’s continued dedication to the health and safety of mining companies’ most important asset: their people,” the media release states.

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