Epiroc partners with Collège Boréal on BEV maintenance program

Epiroc BEV scooptram. Credit: Epiroc

As the importance of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and related technology continues to gain momentum, Epiroc Canada and Sudbury-based Collège Boréal have announced a partnership on a ground-breaking, Canada-first battery electric vehicle (BEV) maintenance program.

After observing current marketplace trends, Collège Boréal created the three-part program, which begins with a 40-hour online course starting Feb. 9, 2021. This course will be followed by hands-on training provided in classroom and workshop settings. The program will prepare students looking to enter this innovative sector, which is anticipating exponential growth in the near-future, as well as professionals already in the field who are looking to upskill.

“Epiroc’s goal in this partnership with Collège Boréal is to further the education of all personnel involved in the growing field of electrification in mining, with an added focus on safety and training requirements for batteries, electric drivetrains, battery equipment and energy storage,” Shawn Samuels, product manager Rocvolt Canada, Epiroc, said in a release. “Epiroc will be actively participating and supporting the recent Collège Boréal initiative for the Battery Electric Maintenance program and will continue to partner with Collège Boréal on further training initiatives. This includes training tools and materials that will make the future training courses the best in class for years to come.”

Epiroc aims to remain on the leading edge of this technology and the new program is intended to help students gain the skills to understand essential elements of BEV equipment while preparing them for rewarding careers in the mining and construction landscape.

“The Sudbury region has deep roots in mining and innovation, so the opportunity for Epiroc to partner with Collège Boréal and see the benefits to both the local mining industry and safe working practices in our own community is an exciting proposition,” added Frank Luttrell, regional manager, central Canada.

“Collège Boréal is fortunate to partner with Epiroc, a globally recognized technology supplier to the mining and infrastructure industries. They are a pioneer in the field of electrification and an expert in battery electric vehicles. In this highly specialized and rapidly evolving sector, this collaboration will ensure that our course content and equipment remain at the cutting edge, providing our students and clients with the tools they need to succeed,” added Julie Nadeau, director of business development, Collège Boréal.  

“Our new Battery Electric Vehicle Maintenance program was launched to respond to the demands of our partners in the mining sector. One of the college’s roles is to support the private sector with training, including upskilling for its current employees, to strengthen the competitiveness of businesses and employers operating in Ontario. We are proud to count Epiroc among our partners to better support this growing sector,” concluded Daniel Giroux, president, Collège Boréal.

For more information, visit www.Epiroc.com or www.CollegeBoreal.ca.

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