Max Resource’s Cesar project grows to district-scale size

Sample from Cesar South. Credit: Max Resource

Max Resource (TSXV: MXR) announced that it has, for the second time this year, expanded its Cesar copper-silver project in northeastern Colombia by adding a 500-square-kilometre land package adjoining Cesar West’s northern boundary.

According to the Canadian miner, with this addition, the project’s size can be considered district-scale as it now covers over 2,500 square kilometres, with a cumulative 220-kilometre strike of prospective copper-silver mineralization.

The land expansion was generated from newly-discovered copper showings

.“This targeted land expansion was generated from newly-discovered copper showings, rock sampling, structural mapping, interpretation of seismic sections and analysis of historical drill holes, all being integrated into our ongoing structural modelling of the Cesar Basin,” Max CEO, Brett Matich, said in a media statement.

Matich also said that the company believes that the stratabound copper-silver system in the Cesar Basin is analogous to the Kupferschiefer Basin in Poland, whose deposits produced 3 million tonnes of copper in 2018 and 40 million ounces of silver in 2019.

At present, field teams are exploring high-priority targets at Cesar West, specifically, sampling and mapping Jurassic host rock and already identified copper-silver mineralization along the new continuous 180-kilometre-long landholding. 

They are also exploring Cesar North, where they identified stratabound copper-silver mineralization spanning over 45 square kilometres, with highlight values of 0.1 to 34.4% copper and 5 to 305 g/t silver over continuous intervals ranging 0.1 to 25.0-metres.

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