Colombian police quash illegal activities at Canadian miner’s operation

San Matías project area in Colombia. (Image courtesy of Cordoba Minerals).

Canada’s Cordoba Minerals (TSXV: CDB) issued a statement noting that management was informed of an operation carried out by the Colombian National Police to shut down illegal gold mining activities and to improve regional security at the El Alacrán mine in the Puerto Libertador municipality. 

El Alacrán deposit is part of the company’s San Matías copper-gold-silver project, which also includes satellite deposits at Montiel East, Montiel West and Costa Azul. The minesite is located in the northern Córdoba department.

According to the Vancouver-based miner, none of its staff members were on-site during the operation.

None of Cordoba Minerals’ staff members were on-site during the police operation

“The Colombian National Police have made an official statement in respect of the operation stating that this was part of a national initiative against illegal mining and in particular the illegal group Clan del Golfo, who fund their operations through illegal mining undertaken by communities in this part of the country,” the press brief reads. “The Colombian National Police and the Police Against Illegal Mining act independently and take actions they consider necessary to maintain public order in the country.”

Cordoba Minerals said that now that the illegal miners were removed from the site, the company is liaising with federal and local authorities to determine when it can re-commence pre-feasibility study drilling at El Alacrán.

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