NSS Canada announces expansion with Norcat partnership

Norcat underground centre. Credit: NSS Canada

NSS Canada, a provider of Leica Geosystems products and a Hexagon Mining solutions partner, is expanding its footprint with an addition of an office at the Norcat underground centre in Sudbury. The new office, access to mine delegations, and the underground mine are expected to allow NSS to build and test its products on-site and create an efficient feedback loop that enables it to iterate and refine technologies faster.

“We are thrilled about the partnership with Norcat and being part of their underground centre. We look forward to bringing new ideas to the table and changing the mining landscape for the better as NSS Canada grows with new team members and clients alike. The mining industry is accelerating towards being more tech-focused, and we at NSS Canada intend to be at the forefront of this trend,” Bruno Lalonde, president of NSS Canada, said in a release.

“At Norcat, we believe in partnering with innovative companies to accelerate their growth. With access to our partners and underground mine, NSS Canada will have the opportunity to test their lasted products and provide the best solutions for their clients. Together, we will continue to build innovative solutions and highlight northern Ontario as a one-stop-shop in mining technology,” added Greg Major, director of the Norcat underground centre.

NSS Canada (Northern Survey Supply) is an authorized distributor of Leica Geosystems and an authorized agent of the Hexagon Mining Portfolio, specializing in engineering measurement systems and mine survey solutions. Norcat is a global leader in skilled labour training and development, and mining technology/innovation, focused on developing and delivering programs, services, and resources that enhance productivity and safety in the global skilled labour industries.

For more information, visit www.NSSCanada.com or www.Norcat.org.

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