Redpath secures sale of six Redbore raiseboring machines

Redpath raisebore. Credit: Redpath

The Redpath Group has announced that it has secured the sale of six Redbore raise drills to the Chilean market. Four of the drills are the Redbore 50 MDURH model machines (multi-directional up-ream hydraulically powered drills). Two of the machines are the Redbore 60 UR and Redbore 65 models.

All six drills were designed, manufactured and assembled at the Redpath raiseboring production facility in North Bay.

“The client wanted to expand their service offering and needed a reliable product that would meet the demands for larger up-ream holes,” Johan Davel, general manager, Redpath Raiseboring, said in a release.

The Redbore 60 UR drills have a capacity range of up to 2 metres in diameter in up-ream applications and were exclusively designed for the Chilean market. Other drills in the Redpath fleet have a capacity of up to 8 metres in diameter in conventional raiseboring applications.

Redpath Raiseboring is known for its extensive fleet of raiseboring machines that are the product of over 40 years of innovation and development. The fleet is available for worldwide contract drilling and sale and includes the world’s largest proven capacity raise drill, the Redbore 100. Beyond drill deliveries, Redpath Raiseboring also offers replacement parts and a full range of project-support services focused on safety, risk management, project controls, training packages and commissioning personnel.

Services offered by the Redpath Group include underground construction, shaft sinking, raiseboring, mine contracting, raise mining, mine development, engineering and technical services. The company has offices in Canada, USA, Indonesia, Mongolia, Germany, South Africa and Australia. For more information, visit

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