Mine Master bolters and drill rigs go green

Roof Master machine. Credit: Mine Master

Drilling and bolting rig manufacturer Mine Master has released its new battery driven Roof Master 1.8KE for testing underground. The addition of a battery-powered electric bolter to its portfolio of underground mining machines was a natural progression for the company based on recent moves towards cleaner technologies in mining applications.

“With new developments we work closely with KGHM, one of world’s biggest copper producers, the design of the electric machine was a response to the needs of this customer”, Jerzy Nadolny, Mine Master CEO, said in a release. “The mines are going deeper, so the cost of ventilation is increasing with every metre. Electric battery solutions will help to reduce gas emissions, improve safety and ease the maintenance.”

The Roof Master 1.8 KE is completing testing KGHM’s mine in Poland. The machine is designed to work in galleries that are between 3 and 5.8 metres tall. The unit is equipped with a mechanized bolting mast for 9 bolts with a height of 1.8 metres. The machine features a 120 kWh, sodium-nickel battery and can be recharged by using the existing mine power network in the 500 to 1000 voltage range. A battery charger is built on the machine chassis. The battery can even recharge as the rig is tramming downhill. The unit also features a closed, air-conditioned operator’s cabin.

Initial feedback from KGHM mine operators is enthusiastic.

“During the driving process the machine is very quiet, the engine is hardly audible,” Karol Ignatowicz from Lubin mine added. “I am impressed, the cabin is very comfortable, so far everything works well”.

Also testing an all electric drill rig

“It is a technological breakthrough for KGHM”, adds Andrzej Czajkowski, vice-chair of Mine Master’s management board. “Very shortly, in the same mine, we will be testing the electric drill rig Face Master 1.7 LE.”

The Face Master 1.7 LE is designed to drill blast holes between 41 mm and 76 mm in diameter and with a net length of 3.2 metres in heights above 1.7 metres. It has a closed, air-conditioned cabin which gives the operator very good visibility even in lowered positions. For better visibility during drilling, it can also be up-lifted.

As in the electric bolter, the battery installed on board can be recharged via the 500 – 1000 V power network. The electric drive technology used ensures significant noise as well as gas emissions reduction.

The design of the telescopic boom allows for the replacing of all wear slides in around 15 minutes without needing to disassemble the boom. This innovative patented solution significantly improves the day-to-day maintenance of the machine. Similarly, accessible electrical installation and hydraulics design improve maintenance time.

More precise and thus more effective drilling can be conducted with the Face Master 1.7 LE with an option of a drilling monitoring system. Mine Master can equip this underground drill rig with an easy and simple DMS system (Drilling Monitoring System) or with the more advanced Feeder Guiding System (FGS). Both systems are well suited for drilling in a room and pillar mining operation.

“What is special about this machine is that even with the battery charger built on, it is still the lowest in its class with a transport height of 1.65 metres, adapted to heavy-duty mining excavations in a room and pillar system, with slopes up to 15 degrees,” Czajkowski concludes.

For more information, visit www.MineMaster.eu.

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