Sensemetrics introduces Strand IIoT sensor connectivity device

Strand device. Credit: sensemetrics

Sensemetrics, a global industrial internet-of-things (IIoT) and cloud technology company has introduced the Strand, a new sensor connectivity device for the infrastructure, mining, and other geotechnical and environmental markets. Strand is a cost-effective narrowband addition to sensemetrics’ IIoT sensor automation portfolio, the company said in a release.  

The Strand is released following the January launch of the Thread X3, sensemetrics’ next-generation broadband IIoT sensor connectivity device, which combines intelligent connectivity with an easy-to-deploy, plug-and-play design. Both solutions are designed for organizations seeking to reduce risk, improve safety, and increase visibility to key insights in infrastructure, mining, geotechnical and environmental sectors. With cohesive narrowband and broadband connectivity solutions now available to these customers, more comprehensive monitoring solutions can be deployed in a cost-effective manner.   

“The Strand adds to our expanding family of connectivity products, which work cohesively to support the entire spectrum of sensors our customers and applications demand,” Cory Baldwin, CEO of sensemetrics, said in a release. “Our customers have a wide range of IIoT automation needs. In some cases, broadband sensor connectivity is the answer, and in other cases, where lower-cost sensors are involved or less frequent measurements are required, it’s narrowband. Most often, the two work together to provide a complementary, complete and scalable solution that reduces the upfront costs of system design and installation as well as the long-term cost of ownership.” 

The first model of the Strand series, the Strand VW4, allows the automation of vibrating-wire sensors of any model and manufacturer. A fully autonomous sensor connectivity device offering low-power, long-range wireless mesh networking in a rugged weather-resistant enclosure, it provides reliable operation in harsh operating environments. It is ideally suited for connecting distributed, low-cost sensors in proximity to more complex and active sensors. This unifies the technical design for an automation project into a single adaptive and secure network with centralized cloud management.

The Strand securely connects to any Thread X3 broadband connectivity device, with the Thread X3 serving a dual purpose as both a sensor connectivity device and wireless gateway device for the Strand series of products. The Strand also offers a self-forming, long-range radio mesh network supporting multiple hops along with object avoidance. And, with seamless integration of hardware and software, the Strand enables a complete real-time sensor data management and field-to-office solution for distributed sensor networks. 

The Strand also features many unique features among narrowband connectivity products, including zero programming setup and intelligent wireless traffic routing, which optimizes wireless connections as networks expand or contract, or as site conditions change. In the event wireless uplink is unavailable, the Strand offers reliable on-device memory for storing sensor data. Automatic retry logic syncs stored data to the cloud and eliminates site visits to manually retrieve data–as most ultra-low-power connectivity devices require today. Lastly, its cost-saving design includes support for firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updates to reduce lifetime system management costs.

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