Metso Outotec introduces range of sustainable mining filtration solutions

Metso Outotec VPA filter. Credit: Metso Outotec

Metso Outotec has launched a range of smart and sustainable filtration solutions for the mining industry. The selection includes 15 different filter types, ranging from pressure filters of up to 100 bar pressure to vacuum filters and polishing filters, coupled with a global service portfolio. The well-knownLarox brand, of which Metso Outotec is the sole owner, will be reintroduced as a strategic product family name for selected filters and related services.

“Our unique filtration solutions portfolio is based on a thorough assessment of current and future customer needs and a detailed review of related technologies. As a result, we can now offer an industry-leading option for all types of mining dewatering needs,” Jussi Venalainen, VP, filters at Metso Outotec, said in a release.

Leading filtration and environmental performance

Metso Outotec’s filtration solutions and service range has been designed to optimize the total cost of ownership, as well as capacity and residual moisture to increase performance.

The filtration solutions feature a sustainable design to improve environmental performance through energy, emissions, and water-efficiency, and are part of the recently launched Metso Outotec Planet Positive offering. In addition, they comply with the highest safety standards, are easy to operate and maintain, and are equipped with automated features to support advanced process optimization and remote support. The offering includes filtration solutions that enable environmentally sensitive tailings handling and management, and they form an integral part of Metso Outotec’s tailings filtration plant solutions.

“Metso Outotec’s certified service experts are well positioned to support our customers worldwide in filter-related aftermarket needs. Services and parts can be integrated to any of the dewatering solutions with a Life Cycle Services (LCS) contract to benefit our customers with fixed KPIs,” added TomiRavattinen, VP, filtration, services, at Metso Outotec.

Metso Outotec’s filtration expertise is built on almost one hundred years of research and development and process knowledge, and is supported by the company’s globally unique Dewatering Technology Center (DTC) in Finland. The DTC plays a crucial role in Metso Outotec’s filtration solution innovations and acts as a hub for close university cooperation related to separation technology research. Up to this day, Metso Outotec has performed over 14,000 filtration tests and delivered over 5,000 filters around the world.

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