Newcrest reports seismic event at Cadia – but no injuries and no production impact

Newcrest Mining’s Cadia operation in Australia. Credit: Newcrest Mining

Newcrest Mining (TSX: NCM) has reported that there was a localized seismic event at its Cadia operation on July 2. The event occurred at approximately 4 a.m. in the eastern end of Panel Cave 2. Cadia is an underground panel cave mine near Blayney, New South Wales, Australia, producing gold doré and gold-rich copper concentrate, and is one of Australia’s largest gold mining operations.

No injuries were sustained and, in accordance with standard operating procedure, all personnel working in the affected area were accounted for and safely returned to surface. Mining operations in all other areas, development activities and above-ground operations continued without interruption.

Inspections have confirmed that the existing ground support was effective in preventing damage to infrastructure, with only localized damage to the roadways and ground support near the junction of two extraction drives, and minor ground support damage to a nearby ventilation raise.

Newcrest has been working with the New South Wales Government Resources Regulator. A Prohibition Notice has been established around the affected area only. A geotechnical report will be sent by Newcrest to the Regulator today for approval to commence rehabilitation activities in the affected area.

Surface operations have not been affected by this Prohibition Notice, nor have other areas of the Cadia East mine, and there have been no impacts to PC2-3 development activities.

Newcrest says the replacement of the SAG mill motor for Concentrator 1 began on July 5, as originally planned.

The seismic event is expected to have no impact to gold or copper production in fiscal year 2022.

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The company also holds a 70% interest in the Red Chris mine in British Columbia, where it is studying the potential for a block cave operation.

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