Minetec acquisition to enhance CAT’s MineStar offering underground

Minetec Pty offering. Image via YouTube.

Caterpillar Holdings Australia is acquiring Australia-based Minetec Pty Ltd from Codan Ltd. Specializing in communications technology for mining, Minetec supplies high-precision tracking and data communications networks as well as a purpose-built set of software applications that address both productivity and safety for underground mining. The acquisition demonstrates a commitment to the expansion of Cat MineStar Solutions for integrated underground operations.

Since 2018, Caterpillar and Minetec have worked under a collaborative agreement to develop and deliver technologies targeting the particular challenges faced in underground hard rock mining operations. The result has delivered unique site solutions that have expanded the capabilities of MineStar to offer real-time, GPS-type tracking for the underground environment. As part of the acquisition agreement, Codan will provide manufacturing services to Caterpillar for up to five years to ensure a successful transition and continuous supply to customers.

“The acquisition will further drive integration of Minetec’s world-class underground products and capabilities, such as task management, high-precision tracking, wireless communications and proximity detection into MineStar. As miners move to automate underground mines, this will further enhance MineStar’s ability to provide the equivalent of GPS underground and improve safety and productivity,” said Jim Hawkins, general manager of Cat MineStar Solutions.

Cat MineStar Solutions for underground offers a suite of scalable technologies that increase productivity and improve safety. MineStar Fleet provides real-time visibility to cycle time, payload and other key operational parameters. MineStar Detect uses high-precision peer-to-peer proximity detection with a communications and tracking network that help prevent incidents and track people and machines underground in real time. MineStar Health connects customers to their machines to maximize equipment availability and reliability. MineStar Command enables remote operation of load-haul-dump (LHD) machines for productivity and efficiency gains, and to improve safety by removing operators from hazardous environments.

More information about Cat MineStar Solutions for underground can be found by contacting the regional Cat dealer or visiting https://www.cat.com.

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