Feds invest $40M in CEMI’s mining innovation commercialization network

The federal government is supporting the continued success of the Canadian mining sector with a $40-million investment in CEMI (Centre of Excellence in Mining Innovation). The funds will support the create of the Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA) network.

MICA will bring together stakeholders from a wide range of fields to develop and commercialize innovative technologies to boost productivity and sustainability in the mining sector. The project carries a total price tag of $112.4 million.

By accelerating the development and commercialization of innovative autonomous and clean technologies in the mining sector, MICA is expected to extend the operational lives of existing mines and reduce the time it takes to bring new mineral deposits into production.

MICA will be headquartered in Sudbury, Ont., and support the creation of 900 jobs and at least 12 new businesses. It will commercialize at least 30 new produces and services and generate inter-industry benefits by introducing non-mining technologies to the mining sector and vice versa. MICA will rely heavily on the private sector for support, eventually expanding its membership to over 350 businesses and organizations across the country.

MICA has the support of these primary partners: the Bradshaw Research Initiative for Minerals and Mining, InnoTech Alberta, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, MaRS, Le Groupe MISA and the College of the North Atlantic.

“Supplying the demand for the minerals and metals needed to advance the green transition to a low-carbon economy is critical, but if mines are to produce more and do so faster, cheaper and more sustainably, implementing innovation is essential,” said MICA president Douglas Morrison. “The MICA Network will help mobilize investments, grow Canadian SMEs and establish Canada’s leadership role in addressing climate change.”

According to the Mining Association of Canada, the mining sector contributed $109 billion, or 5%, to Canada’s GDP in 2019. It directly and indirectly employs 719,000 Canadians, which represents approximately one in every 26 jobs in this country.

Learn more about MICA at www.CEMI.ca.

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