TransAlta hits milestone in its phase out of coal

TransAlta is converting its coal plants in Alberta to natural gas electricity generation. Credit: TransAlta Corp.

TransAlta Corp. (TSX: TA) has completed the second of three planned coal-to-gas conversions at its Alberta Thermal power generation facilities near Wabamun, Alta. The company plans to offer 100% clean electricity in Alberta by the end of the year.

TransAlta invested $31.5 million to convert the Keephills 2 plant and another $64.7 million for system upgrades, gas infrastructure and maintenance projects. At its peak, the $96-million project provided nearly 800 additional jobs at the site.

The first conversion project was the Sundance 6 plant in February. Both retain their nameplate generating capacities of 401 MW and 395 MW, respectively. Later this year the conversion of the Keephills 3 facility will be completed.

“Converting to natural gas from coal maintains our current generation capacity and reduces our CO2 emissions by more than half from approximately 1.04 tonnes CO2e per MWh to approximately 0.51 tonnes CO2e per MWh in 2021,” said president and CEO John Kousinioris. “This not only highlights TransAlta’s commitment to meet Alberta’s need for safe, reliable and low-cost electricity but also our commitment to meet our sustainability goals focused on clean electricity generation.”

TransAlta has set a target of reducing greenhouse gases by 60% by 2030 over 2015 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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