FLSmidth launches PerformanceIQ Services for mine performance optimization

PerformanceIQ Services focuses on detecting performance gaps and finding solutions. Credit: FLSmidth

Optimizing the productivity of mine sites while reducing costs, resource use and environmental footprint has long been the primary goal of FLSmidth. With the launch of PerformanceIQ Services, FLSmidth now promises to supercharge mine performance through a full flowsheet approach to optimization based on equipment knowledge, process expertise and digital solutions.

PerformanceIQ Services focuses on brownfield mining operations to detect performance gaps and identify and prioritize solutions that enhance operational efficiency. Working in partnership with customers, local FLSmidth experts provide defined improvement targets and suggest the most impactful actions an operation can take, given their specific production goals, challenges and mine characteristics.

The performance data of equipment and technology is monitored, adjusted and enhanced on a continual basis with the goal of achieving measurable, sustainable productivity improvements, such as the reduction of unscheduled downtime and more efficient use of energy and water.

The concept is straightforward and designed for fast and long-lasting results. After the initial scoping and onboarding phase, FLSmidth and the customer move to a cycle of analysis, value proposition, implementation and evaluation. Over time, this process of continuous step-by-step improvement provides the foundation to move beyond current objectives to support scalable, sustainable productivity and growth. All of this is underpinned by FLSmidth’s pit-to-plant portfolio of leading digital solutions that connect, monitor and optimize processes.

As part of one of the three pilot programs underway, FLSmidth was asked by a copper producer to evaluate the performance of its concentrator and suggest ways to increase recovery of copper fines, increase recovery of molybdenum fines, and improve water recovery. Through PerformanceIQ analysis, several improvements were identified that, combined, would result in a 9% improvement in copper and 2% improvement in molybdenum fines recovery, as well as a 1% improvement in water recovery.

“Real, tangible benefits come with a full flowsheet approach to optimization and through close work and partnership with our customers on site. This is how PerformanceIQ Services really delivers. Our experts bring local knowledge, process knowhow and experience and combine this with digital solutions that monitor, analyze and improve the performance of mine operations. It is an exciting proposition because we see a lot of improvements, both short-term and long-term that will be gamechangers for productivity, sustainability and our customers’ bottom lines,” says Joshua Meyer, service business line president.

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