De Beers Group awards $45K in scholarships to women in STEM

De Beers Group has selected 10 women as winners for scholarships for STEM programs. Credit: De Beers

De Beers Group has awarded $45,000 in scholarships to 10 Canadian women, as what the company says is a commitment to support women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) studies in Canada.

From the more than 475 applications, the winners are eight women from the Northwest Territories, one from northern Ontario and one from Nunavut. Each receives $4,500 as they enter year one of a program.

• Amelie Aubrey-Smith, NWT: Bachelor of Science 

• Brenna Beck, NWT: Bachelor of Science 

• Jada Beck, NWT: Undergraduate in Medical Education 

• Zoe Clark, NWT: Bachelor of Science 

• Rosalyn French, NWT: Bachelor of Science 

• Emma Gelinas, Ontario: Bachelor of Science 

• Shelby Martin, NWT: Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

• Crystal Mitchell, Nunavut: Diploma in Environmental Technology 

• Angela Storr, NWT: Bachelor of Commerce, Business Technology Management

• Stella Wong, NWT: Bachelor of Applied Science 

The 2022 scholarships represent a three-year $135,000 program launched earlier this year as part of De Beers’ Building Forever program in Canada. It builds on a partnership between De Beers Group and UN Women that provided US$408,000 in scholarships to support Canadian women in STEM programs between 2018 and 2021. 

In addition, De Beers  is funding four new $5,000 entrance scholarships annually over the next four years to support women in STEM at the University of Calgary, two in science and two in engineering. 

Moses Madondo, managing director of De Beers Group, said, “It’s clear from the overwhelming response that there is still a need to accelerate opportunities for women in STEM. As a company committed to building forever, we remain focused on identifying and removing systemic barriers to social and economic inclusion because we recognize that equal opportunity will benefit us all.” 

Individuals interested in applying for these scholarships need to apply directly through their university.

More information on De Beers can be found at

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