Tomra Mining to showcase diamond recovery solution

The Tomra COM XRT 3000. Credit: Tomra

The Tomra COM XRT 300 /FR is a new generation diamond sorting machine. It uses the company’s proprietary ultra-high-resolution sensor, advanced image processing and high-precision ejector valve system to produce an ultra-high diamond-by-weight concentrate. 

The company claims the sorter offers 100% diamond detection within the specified size fraction and higher than 99% guaranteed diamond recovery with appropriate feed material preparation. It is also a dry process that doesn’t require water or chemical reagents.

The Tomra COM XRT 300 /FR completes the company’s partnered diamond recovery solution, which covers the entire process, from bulk concentration to final recovery and sort house applications. 

Global sales director Corné de Jager says the machine offers a solution to sort +2-100mm particles, as well as bulk concentration sorters for +4 to 100mm particles. 

“Our Final Recovery sorter has the potential to revolutionise diamond flowsheets,” said Jager. “This user-friendly, compact and easy-to-operate sorter offers higher efficiency and better grade, with fewer sorting stages and a smaller footprint. It reduces complexity and operational costs.” 

TOMRA will showcase the machine on Booth M30-7 at the Mining Indaba 2023 exhibition, in Cape Town, South Africa, Feb. 6-9. 

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