Railveyor System hauls 2Mt of petroleum coke

RailVeyor’s haulage system RailVeyor image

Rail-Veyor Technologies Global announced that over 2.0 million tonnes of petroleum coke has successfully been loaded to oceangoing vessels by Maroil Trading. 

Railveyor hauling system is composed of five trains, 400 metres each, propelled by 16 drive stations, with a single loading point and a single discharge point – making for a round trip of approximately 9.2 km.

Maroil Trading a significant provider of petroleum coke to markets in India, Pakistan and other eastern countries with high demand for the material, which is used in cement production among other things.

“Achieving specified production goals may seem like a certainty in the planning and design phase, but during operation, an organization and a product must prove itself against real world challenges,” said Ulises Armas of Maroil Trading. 

“We are pleased that the Railveyor system has proven itself a worthy innovation that, paired with the hard work of the Maroil and Railveyor teams alike, has exceeded all expectations and is making the most of the tremendous opportunity we have here,” Armas said.

 For more information, visit www.RailVeyor.com.

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