Martin Engineering’s conveyor belt cleaner tensioners

Cutline: Martin’s rotary twist tensioner on primary cleaner. Martin Engineering photo

Martin Engineering is introducing a new line-up of conveyor belt cleaner tensioners, for what the company says is better for overall safety and efficiency in operation. 

The line-up of products includes the Martin rotary twist tensioner; a rotary tensioner, which keeps proper tension on the belt and the belt cleaner, is designed to be used with urethane blades. The tensioner is made compact for easy installation to allow both the belt and the cleaner to operate with maximum efficiency. 

Martin’s air connection kit is an air tensioner that uses a pneumatic cylinder to cushion impact on the belt cleaner and can be directly into an existing air system, allowing for a more streamlined installation process. 

The Martin XHD spring tensioners, which maintain efficient belt cleaning with a rugged coil spring, deliver effective cleaning while cushioning splice shock to prevent damage. They are well suited for tensioning heavy duty belt cleaners while standing up to tough conditions. The company recommends dual tensioning for belt cleaners installed on belts wider than 1,200 mm.

Martin recommends integrating the cleaners with the company’s smart technology, such as N2 position indicator to monitor primary cleaner blade wear and inform operators when the blade needs changing and the and smart Device Manager App to allow for partial automation of the cleaning process. 

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