Nouveau Monde Graphite commits to all-electric fleet at Canadian mine site

Feed for the expanded anode material plant will be supplied by the Matawinie graphite mine. Credit: Nouveau Monde Graphite.

Nouveau Monde Graphite (TSXV: NOU) has committed to using all-electrical equipment and vehicles at its Matawinie graphite project in Quebec.

In a press release, the Canadian miner said that it is advancing the procurement process for its fleet and charging infrastructure through an international call for pre-qualification. 

The Matawinie graphite project should reach commercial production in 2023, with an allocated transition period to fully electrify the fleet by 2028

“Discussions with manufacturers have already enabled us to identify existing machinery in development and/or available, notably for the ancillary fleet where purchasing agreements are being finalized,” the media brief states. “Through the call for pre-qualification, large OEMs and innovative SMEs alike are now invited to submit detailed proposals and performance specs for their production equipment solutions. Whether powered by lithium-ion batteries, plug-in systems or hydrogen fuel cells, Nouveau Monde is seeking the best zero-emission equipment for heavy-duty operations and harsh conditions associated with open-pit mining.” 

The over 60 pieces of equipment the company is asking for are to be used at Matawinie, whose target for commercial production is 2023, with an allocated transition period to fully electrify the fleet by 2028. 

Nouveau Monde is also working on the construction of a dedicated power line to supply the mine site with a reliable, affordable and clean supply of hydroelectricity and has been selected by the provincial and federal governments as a key partner to develop a new electric propulsion system with a rapid recharging infrastructure adapted to heavy vehicles in the open-pit mining industry.

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