Tomra laser sorting removes 98% of contamination

The Tomra PRO Secondary Laser machine. Credit: Tomra

TOMRA successfully trialed their new Pro secondary laser at the Mt Cattlin lithium mine in Australia. Running at a rate of 85 /h, the laser was reported to have reduced material with up to 45% basalt contamination down to less than 1% basalt contamination. 

The Pro secondary laser and laser dual sorting machines feature a heavy-duty and compact design to pre-concentrate material from 20 mm to 120 mm particle sizes. The laser identification technology consists of a multi-channel laser scanning system with high resolution resulting in structural and spectral selectivity. The system processes multiple material characteristics simultaneously including surface structure, brightness, colour, transparency, size, and shape.

“We have pushed the boundaries of industry standard in the particle size and feed rate and we haven’t found the limit of the machine yet,” said Keith Muller, general manager at Mt Cattlin. 

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