KSB Mexico’s borehole pump leads the way in mine dewatering

A KSB pump on location at a mining site. Credit: KSB

KSB Mexico is calling their latest borehole pumps a “significant milestone” in the company’s history. Currently the company has pumps located at Zacatecas silver mine, Sonora copper mine, a mine in Chihuahua and a mine in Chile’s Atacama desert.  

Mine dewatering is essential for the safe operation of a mine. While flooding is necessary at times, uncontrolled flooding is a safety risk. When mining for minerals below the water level or dealing with open pit mines with a possibility of rain, dewatering is an important and useful process. Extracting the water inside a mine can be challenging and disrupt mining operations without the right pump in place.

Water removed from mines may contain corrosive or abrasive materials, which necessitates a strong pump system to avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements.

KSB pumps are supported by KSB SupremeServ to ensure customers select the right pump for their operation and receive training and any necessary repairs or replacements in a timely manner.

The company’s newest UPA borehole pumps have a wide range of uses. Beyond the mining industry, it can be used to supply water for municipalities and industrial installations, help maintain agricultural lands, support civil engineering initiatives, and increase fire protection. 

To learn more, visit www.KSB.com.

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